Silver Inlaid Ice Green Jade Ring-Tajade
Brand:Tajade Inlaid:Silver  Icy and translucent, smart and elegant. Meticulous workmanship, comfortable to wear  Delicate touch, simple shape, bright color, fashionable and versatile
18K Gold Inlaid Jade Necklace with Fringe-Tajade
Brand: TAJADE           Material: Jadeite, 18K Gold      Product gross weight: 200.00g  Color: Green    Gender: Female                          Availability: Summer 2022     Applicable people: ladies The...
Hetian Jade 18k Gold Inlaid Jasper Green Stud Earrings-Tajade
Brand: Tajade      Material: Hetian jade (jasper), gold     Product gross weight: 215.00g Color: Green              Age group: 18-79         Gender: Female Inlay material: gold inlay     Uses: self-wear, gifts, collection    Transparency: Translucent...
Jade Dragon Pendant-Tajade
 Product Name: TAJADE Jade Dragon Pendant   Product gross weight: 300.00g  Pattern shape: dragon   Availability: Summer 2022  The structure is dense and compact, uniform and pure. The transparency is high and it looks watery. The dragon in the east symbolizes good...
Hetian jade jasper gold drop earrings-Tajade
Material: Hetian jade jasper         Inlay material: pure gold The product comes with an authoritative inspection certificate, which is authentic and effective. In the jade world, there is such a saying, which has been circulating for hundreds of...
Hetian Jade Jasper Gold Four Leaf Clover Drop Earrings-Tajade
 Material: Hetian jade jasper   Gold weight: 1.5 g The product comes with an authoritative inspection certificate, which is authentic and effective. In the jade world, there is such a saying, which has been circulating for hundreds of years:Jade must be...
Gold Inlaid Jade Heart-shaped Jasper Earrings-Tajade
Product Name: Tajade Gold Earrings                Product gross weight: 80.00g       Color: Green    Pattern shape: heart shape       Uses: self-wear, wedding, gifts, birthday gifts  Gold weight: 0.95 grams       ...
Pure Gold Inlaid Hetian Jade Jasper Jade Ring-Tajade
Brand: Tajade   Product Name: Tajade Jade Ring    Gross Weight: 85.00g        Material: Gold, Hetian Jasper, Zircon                       Gold weight: 2.8g Applicable People: Ladies, Couples, Neutrals       ...
Jade Ice Bottom Violet Jade Ring Wedding Ring-Tajade
Name: Jade Ring      Ring: Adjustable     Inlay: silver inlay Material: Jade           Color: purple          Gem size: 9*8*4mm            Please note: Due to different lighting, monitors, and mobile phone screens,...
$199.00 $129.00
Inlaid Silver Jade Ring-Tajade
Product Name: TAJADE Jade Ring   Product gross weight: 25.00g   Usage: self-wear, gift Color: light green   Inlay: silver inlay    Ring mouth: adjustable Carefully selected high-quality jade gemstones, cut, carved, polished. Beautiful color, soft radian, elegant and generous.        ...
Hetian jade jasper water drop ring inlaid with 925 silver jade ring-Tajade
Brand: Tajade       Product Gross Weight: 25.00g      Applicable People: Ladies Material: Hetian jade jasper                                      Time to market: Spring 2022...
Hetian Jade Jasper Bracelet-Tajade
Brand: Tajade                       Gross weight: 25.00g         Applicable crowd: Ladies, girls        Appraisal certificate: Peking University certificate         Uses: gifts, self-wearing             ...
Hetian Jade Jasper Inlaid 925 Silver Necklace-Tajade
 Product name: Hetian jade jasper necklace    Product gross weight: 80.00g  Inlay material: silver inlay      Uses: wedding, gifts, self-wear   Availability: Spring 2022 The jade structure is full and thick, and it is natural. The color is green, translucent and watery....
Hetian jade enamel gold jasper bead bracelet-Tajade
Product name: TAJADE Hetian jade jasper bracelet      Product gross weight: 400.00g Suitable for hand circumference: 14~17cm        Material: Hetian jade Hetian jadeite duck egg green enamel gold bracelet, duck egg green color is bright green and...
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