Q: What are the precautions for wearing jade?

A: 1. Jade jewelry should avoid long-term exposure to sunlight.

     2.Avoid hitting with hard objects, so as not to damage the beauty due to scratches and breaks.

     3.Try to avoid contact with perfumes, chemicals, soaps or human sweat.

    4.When jade jewelry is not worn for a long time, it should be placed in a jewelry box alone, and should not be stored together with gold, silver or platinum jewelry.


Q: Why is there some color difference between the product I received and the product I saw?

A: Just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, there are no two identical pieces of jade in the world. Jade is grown in nature. After thousands of years of evolution, the texture and structure of each piece of jade are different, so the color is not exactly the same, and there will be subtle differences. We'll try to pick the closest color item for you. Due to different environments and lights, as well as different mobile phone screens, the color of jadeite will show a certain difference. Please understand before purchasing. Here is an example:


Q:Why some jade looks like there are "cotton" and "waterline" inside?

A:Jade such as jadeite and Hetian jade are composed of many mineral particles. Sometimes there are visible "cotton wool" and "water lines" in the interior, which are normal growth phenomena, not cracks that affect their durability. This is a natural phenomenon. Please buy with confidence.

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