Gold Inlaid Jade Heart-shaped Jasper Earrings-Tajade

Terms & conditions

Product Name: Tajade Gold Earrings                Product gross weight: 80.00g      

Color: Green    Pattern shape: heart shape       Uses: self-wear, wedding, gifts, birthday gifts 

Gold weight: 0.95 grams       

  • The product comes with an authoritative inspection certificate, which is authentic and effective.
  • A good jade must be carved to become a beautiful jewelry. When carving, it must be given a certain meaning, and the meaning must be good luck.


  • The jade is fine in quality, bright in green, warm in luster, even and clean, natural and elegant.


  • Exquisite workmanship, delicate and smooth, comfortable to touch. Ring ear pin, easy to take and wear.



  • Maintenance of jade:
    1. Avoid collision and extrusion: jade is easily damaged after collision, and gold is easily deformed by extrusion, so it should be placed separately from hard objects.
    2. Avoid corrosion: try not to touch perfume, soap, shower gel, chemical reagents, and avoid wearing it when bathing and swimming.
    3. Avoid high temperature: high temperature will make the jade expand, affecting the texture and luster. Do not expose to the sun for a long time.
    4. Wear it often: the more jade you wear, the more beautiful it is, and the best maintenance for the jade is when you wear it often.
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    Gold Inlaid Jade Heart-shaped Jasper Earrings-Tajade
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