Jade Ice Bottom Violet Jade Ring Wedding Ring-Tajade

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Name: Jade Ring      Ring: Adjustable     Inlay: silver inlay

Material: Jade           Color: purple          Gem size: 9*8*4mm


  • Please note: Due to different lighting, monitors, and mobile phone screens, there will be a certain color difference between the picture and the real object.


  • Precautions for jade maintenance:
    1. Avoid corrosion:  try not to contact with perfume, soap, shower gel and chemical ingredients, avoid wearing it when bathing and swimming.
    2.  Avoid collision and extrusion:  jade is easily damaged after being collided, so it should be placed separately from hard objects.
    3.  Avoid high temperature: Jade expands when exposed to heat, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, and do not approach fire sources
    4.  Jade cleaning: If there is dust, it can be cleaned with a soft brush, and if there is dirt, it can be washed with clean water.


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Jade Ice Bottom Violet Jade Ring Wedding Ring-Tajade
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