• Is jade a real stone?

    Is jade a real stone?

    Yes, jade is a real stone. Jadeite is a stone polycrystalline aggregate that reaches jade level formed under geological action. It takes hundreds of millions of years to form jadeite, which is a non-renewable resource. The non-renewability of jade resources makes jade more and more expensive. At present, only Myanmar is the source of gem-grade jadeite with a mining scale in the world. Since...
  • Why do Asians wear jade?-Tajade

    Why do Asians wear jade?-Tajade

    Just as Westerners love emeralds, Asians, mainly Chinese, wear jade because of its beauty and symbolic meaning. The type of jade that Chinese people wear most is jadeite. The green color of jadeite is so harmonious and natural that people will never get tired of it. Jadeite is also known as the "King of Jade". Jade is divided into jadeite and nephrite (such as...
  • Which color of jade is most valuable?-Tajade

    Which color of jade is most valuable?-Tajade

    1.Green jade is the most valuable 2.What is the most important criterion for judging the value of jade/jadeite?  Transparency. 3.Purity Affect the Value of Jade/Jadeite 4.Cracks Affect the Value of Jade/Jadeite 5.Good carving enhances the value of jadeite
  • What is the spiritual meaning of jade?

    What is the spiritual meaning of jade?

    The spiritual significance of jade is mainly reflected in the cultural aspects. Before explaining the spiritual meaning of jade, let's first understand what jade is. Jade is a general term for a type of ore in nature, and it is a beautiful ore. Jade is usually divided into jadeite (emerald) and nephrite. The famous Hetian jade belongs to nephrite, but both nephrite and jadeite...
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