What is the spiritual meaning of jade?


The spiritual significance of jade is mainly reflected in the cultural aspects.

Before explaining the spiritual meaning of jade, let's first understand what jade is.

Jade is a general term for a type of ore in nature, and it is a beautiful ore. Jade is usually divided into jadeite (emerald) and nephrite. The famous Hetian jade belongs to nephrite, but both nephrite and jadeite are very hard because they are both stones. The texture of jade is very hard and the color is dazzling, so it is called the 'king of stones'.

The most popular place for jade in the world is China, where jade has been used and popular for five thousand years.

The spiritual meaning of jade is as follows:

1.Jade has the functions of removing evil, warding off evil spirits, blocking evil spirits, and detecting the truth. It is used for sacrifices and is a symbol of aristocratic status.

Jade is very popular in Chinese culture. People think it has the function of warding off evil spirits, warding off evil spirits, blocking evil spirits, and discerning the truth. Therefore, in ancient times, it was often used as a sacrificial vessel and a status symbol. The emperor's seal was also carved out of jade. Besides decoration, it is often worn as a peace talisman.

2.Jade represents a beautiful person or thing.

In China, jade is artificially endowed with rich cultural connotations, and jade is considered to have five beautiful virtues, benevolence, loyalty, etiquette, wisdom, and integrity.The quality of jade is the virtue of a gentleman.

In Chinese, the pinyin and pronunciation of jade is 'Yu', and the spelling is '玉'。If a Chinese name has the word jade(玉) in it, it's a pretty name. There are 1.4 billion people in China, and there are 1.4 billion names. Among the most frequently used Chinese characters, jade(玉) ranks fourth. About a few million Chinese have the word jade in their names. I believe you can already feel the beauty of the word jade(玉). Yes, in ancient Chinese poetry and articles, jade is often used to describe and describe all beautiful people and things.   

 3.Jade is believed to have a longevity effect

 Jade not only plays the role of beautiful decoration, but also promotes human health. Wearing jade can make people calm, make people gentle, and improve the balance of various organs of the human body. Through the health care function of jade, it can maintain life, enhance physical fitness, and prevent diseases, so as to achieve the effect of prolonging life. This is also an important reason why Chinese people like jade for thousands of years. The medicinal value and health care value of jade have become the focus of the international medical community. The longevity of jade is recorded in "Shenlong Materia Medica" and "Compendium of Materia Medica".

Eating jade has the function of curing diseases and health care, and minerals do have the effect of curing diseases. Biological, chemical and physical studies have shown that jade contains more than ten trace elements, such as gold, silver, silicon, zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, manganese, etc. The Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Press published a book titled "Hundred Stones to Treat All Diseases". The whole chapter talks about the efficacy and usage of mineral medicines. There are also regulations for brewing mineral medicines in China. This mineral, which takes billions of years to form, is already very rare.

 4.Jade is believed to be formed by the essence of all things in the world and has magical powers.

  The ancients believed that jade is the pure essence of yin and yang, and it is the physical manifestation of harmony, which has a magical effect on human health. Modern research shows that jade has magical biological, chemical and physical properties. The polished jade will accumulate its efficacy and form an electromagnetic field. When worn on the body, it can resonate with the human body, thereby promoting the coordinated operation of human body functions. 

 5.Jade is considered to be the master of all things in ancient.

Jade is considered to be the master of all things, representing the gods of heaven and earth as well as the emperors of the world. It can enhance the communication between gods and people, convey the message and will of God, and is the master of the universe and the world. This idea was adopted by the rulers of countries such as the emperor, in order to better rule the people and make them obey the emperor.


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