Which color of jade is most valuable?-Tajade


      Green jade is the most valuable.

  • Green jade is the most valuable

    In the case of the same transparency, structure, and texture, green jade has the highest value, and the more green parts, the higher the value, followed by red and pink.

             The value of jade is mainly determined by the following factors:                   transparency, green color, structure, purity, cracks, carving, and                   artistry.

             Numerous value determination factors determine the law of jade value is             difficult to accurately determine.

    • What is the most important criterion for judging the value of jade/jadeite?  Transparency. Why is it not the green color but the transparency that determines the value of jade/jadeite? This is because jadeite with no green color and high transparency also has high collection value, while jadeite with no transparency and only green color does not have much collection value.

             Therefore, it can be said that green is an important factor in determining               the value of jadeite, but green improves the value of jadeite on the basis             of  transparency, and the value of a piece of jadeite cannot be judged by             green alone. High transparency, even if it is colorless, or yellow, red, etc.,             the collection value is also very high.

    •  The finer the texture, the higher the value

               Texture refers to the structure of jadeite, and jadeite with fine and dense               texture is the top grade. The structure of jadeite refers to the thickness of             the crystal particles, the shape of the crystals and the combination and               distribution of the jadeite minerals that make up the jadeite.

              Generally speaking, the smaller the crystal particles of jadeite minerals,              the finer the texture of jadeite; the thicker the crystals of jadeite minerals,            the poorer the texture of jadeite, the feeling is not delicate, the polishing              effect is poor, and the price is lower.

      •  Purity Affect the Value of Jade/Jadeite

                Jadeite, like other gemstones, has a direct impact on its value due to its              purity. For jadeite, the greener the color, the finer and denser the texture,            the higher the transparency, and the fewer blemishes, the higher its value.

                High purity is also called "good perfection". In addition to being free of                  cracks, it must also be free of impurities and other colors. The                              weight should also be suitable.

        • Cracks Affect the Value of Jade/Jadeite

                  Large cracks on a piece of jadeite will greatly affect its value, and the                 degree of influence should be judged based on factors such as the size,             depth, and location of the cracks.

        • Good carving enhances the value of jadeite

                  A good carving process can greatly increase the value of jadeite, usually              by 1 to 3 times.

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