Why do Asians wear jade?-Tajade


Just as Westerners love emeralds, Asians, mainly Chinese, wear jade because of its beauty and symbolic meaning. The type of jade that Chinese people wear most is jadeite. The green color of jadeite is so harmonious and natural that people will never get tired of it. Jadeite is also known as the "King of Jade".

Jade is divided into jadeite and nephrite (such as the famous Hetian jade).Whether it is nephrite jade or jadeite, their texture is very hard, the color is very bright, and they are very valuable. Jade is also known as the "King of Stone".

The mining and use of nephrite jade in China has a history of more than 5,000 years, and the love of jadeite is a matter of nearly 600 years.

In the process of mining and using jade for more than 5,000 years, China has formed a rich jade culture. One of the most distinctive features is that the Chinese use jade to describe all good characters, such as gentleman, erudition, benevolence, integrity, courtesy, wisdom and so on. In ancient poetry, jade is often used to describe all beautiful people or things. In ancient China, a person of high moral character must wear jade when traveling.

The word "jade" is a beautiful and noble word in the minds of Chinese people. Among the Chinese characters, there are nearly 500 Chinese characters related to jade. The treasures in Chinese characters are all related to jade. A Chinese name with the word jade in it is a good name.

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